When situations appear hopeless, nothing you do can make it worse, so it’s always worth taking the risk to see if just possibly something you do can make it better!

Through our involvement with welfare and charity groups in Australia and our travels through Asian countries, particularly Vietnam, we have seen first hand the impact poverty has on an individual’s ability to access health care & education, particularly in third world countries. Most people are not in a position to provide hands on support to those in need but through working together to raise funds, everyone has the opportunity to become involved. It is our dream to make a difference, however big or small so please help us to bring hope to the hearts and a smile to the faces of those who are suffering.

Helping Hand Helping Hearts is
a registered charity with the
Australian Charities and
Not-for-profits Commission.

Sue McGregor

As an experienced psychologist, Sue’s role as Co-founder of HHHH is to identify where the greatest impact in the areas of support, health and education can be made. Sue’s skills and experience include 17 years working with vulnerable children and families in a variety of educational, health and welfare settings in Melbourne. In 2009 Sue had the privilege of spending 3 months volunteering overseas where she worked with children and families affected by extreme poverty and life threatening illnesses such as HIV and cancer. It was here that Sue saw first hand the difference a helping hand can make and the desperate need for resources, funds and experienced personnel in underprivileged communities.

Through the creation of HHHH, Sue hopes that others can also play a vital role in improving access to quality education and health for the most vulnerable groups in our society. HHHH was established in memory of Sue’s late husband Nick, who always encouraged others to believe in their dreams and to never give up hope.

Jen Lloyd (nee McGregor)

As Fundraising Manager and Co-founder of HHHH, Jen’s aim is to raise much needed funds for underprivileged communities by hosting successful events on a regular basis. Jen’s background in human resources and hospitality ensures that she brings with her the creativity and experience to create memorable fundraising events that are enjoyed by all.

Working in recruitment for the past 12 years Jen has been inspired by her work with a number of successful not-for-profit organisations in Australia, and strongly believes that we all have a role to play in making a difference in the lives of those less fortunate. She has visited many programs and projects, both locally and overseas and knows just what a difference every dollar can make. With her energy, passion and enthusiasm, Jen aims to create many memorable and successful HHHH fundraising events.

Nicola Drummy

As volunteer Digital Manager, Nicola provides ongoing support and expertise in designing and managing our website, technology and administrative needs .  Having visited Vietnam and seen first hand the impact HHHH is having on the lives of others, she is committed to using her skills to enable us to share our experiences and achievements in the online world.